EggEasy™ Whites

EggEasy™ liquid egg white can be used in place of whole eggs in all your favorite dishes to reduce calories, fat and cholesterol content.
General Uses : To make omelets or scrambled eggs, For French toast, In quiches and pies, For batters and coatings in baking or frying, Cooked and sliced in salads and sandwiches

• 70 % less calories than whole eggs
• Fat free
• Gluten free
• Cholesterol free
• Low in carbohydrate
• High in protein
• Low GI
• Free range
• Pasteurized
• No preservatives

EggEasy™ Whole Egg

General Uses : Omelets, scrambled eggs, Egg-noodles, bakery and pastry, ice-cream.With salt-Mayonnaise, sauces

• High in protein
• Free range Pasteurized
• No preservatives
• Convenient: We’ve cracked it, so you don’t have to
• Available sizes 5L, 10L

EggEasy™ Yolk

General Uses : Bakery and pastry, ice-cream, egg-noodles, +salt (10% max) Mayonnaise, food specialties

• Pasteurized
• No preservatives


*21 days from production date, if stored between 1 – 4 Deg C
1 year from production date if stored at -18 Deg C
Chilled/Frozen Pasteurized Liquid Egg White, Egg Yolk and Whole Egg available

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